A List of Simple Pleasures

In this day and age it’s easy to forget what a simple pleasure is.  Sometimes we strive for big things, huge things and far flung places in the hopes we’ll find the happiness we so want.  In some cases the big and far can bring happiness, but surely it shouldn’t take that much effort on a constant basis. Because ultimately, as humans, life is pretty darn hard.  So why wouldn’t we want to experience some pleasure every day?

We also feel guilty most of the time experiencing simple pleasures for ourselves when we should be doing something else for someone else.  But it’s so important to take time out for yourself because if you don’t not only will it end up affecting you in the long run but you end up not being able to help others which is really what you want to avoid in the first place.

Simple is often overlooked but not today.  Here are 9 simple pleasures to indulge in every day:

  1. Sit down in your garden (a chair is optional).  Listen to the birds, watch the breeze gently sway the leaves on the trees and take in the nature around you.  Just breath, be happy because you’re alive and you’ve got a garden.
  2. Read a physical book (re-read a book you love the most).  Take you time, feel the paper through your fingers and digest the words as your eyes move across the page.  Notice how the characters make you feel and what they do to make you feel that way.
  3. Share a beer/coffee/cup of tea with someone you’ve not seen in ages.  What have they been up to?  Feel their joys and woes and let them speak so that you can truly understand where they are coming from.
  4. Wash up intentionally.  This might seem an odd one.  But without being asked to, go and wash up after a meal.  Instead of seeing it as a chore, use the time to feel your hands in water (and suds), and let your mind drift off.  Instead of thinking of it being a chore this time around, think of it as a time and space to meditate.  Think I’m mad?  Give it a go.  It can also work for any mundane task.
  5. Take a walk into nature.  A park, wood, across a field.  Notice the sounds around you, slow down and relax.  What can you see?  Flowers, birds – dogs being walked.  Breath and enjoy the natural flora and fauna.
  6. Make a list.  Take a moment to write a list on something you want to achieve.  List down what you think you might need to do to achieve it.  Or write a list of everything that is currently bothering you.  Get it out of your head and onto the page and notice how your mind becomes clear, and with direction again.  When lost in thoughts, write a list.
  7. Purposely listen to music.  Instead of music playing as background noise, put headphones on and listen to a song you love without any other distraction.  Notice how the lyrics and the melody make you feel.
  8. Wear your most comfortable clothes. Sure you wouldn’t want to be seen outside in but for just one evening wear your most favourite jumper or out those pyjamas on a couple of hours early and enjoy how good they feel
  9. Make a pack lunch ready for tomorrow. Instead of grabbing a sandwich on your way to work or not eating at all make yourselves something nice to take for your lunch. It doesn’t need to be expensive or elaborate. Make something you really enjoy. You’ll look forward to lunch and enjoy even more.



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