Photo Shooting

I know what you’re thinking (maybe).  You’re wondering where my post was yesterday.  You’ve missed one, you say.  No, I didn’t I posted.  Unfortunately, I’d already set the post up but for some reason set it to May rather than the actual month I’m in.  So if you want to know where it is – check it out here.

I keep trying my hand at some photography.  Macro photography is by far my favourite. I don’t own any fancy camera gear just a very strong and stable Fujifilm bridge camera.  The camera is nearly ten yrs old but always takes good photos.  Unless there is a lot of red colour in the shot.  It can’t quite capture a good red but it can capture a nice green.

I find the closer you take a photo the more detail it reveals.  Hardly obvious but when I say detail I mean more around the shape of the object and its features.  Rather like the shot of the dill plant above.  I could take it from further away but it’s feathery like leaves wouldn’t show.

In fact, it’s quite hard to show dill in its true form because it looses its finely divided features through a camera.  The eye sees dill in a much more rounded way than the lens can.  As soon as you put the camera to dill the plant is almost drowned out by the light escaping through the delicate leaves.

But shoot close up of dill and it reveals a splendid set of leaf divisions perfectly aligned all the way down the leaf.

There is another reason, as a gardener, that I particularly like shooting macro.  It allows me to spot any problems with the plants much earlier than my naked eye can sometimes.  I hadn’t noticed at the time of taking this photo but on another plant, there was the beginning of a spider web between the leaves.  Nothing to worry about (this time!), but it could have been greenfly or spider mite.


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