Missed Again!

Oh dear, my writing on here has dropped off into the ether again hasn’t it?

It starts off with one busy day, that causes my well-intended plans to lose all shape and before I know it the day after follows suit, then the day after…

Anyway, I’m not going to beat myself up.  I just need to get back into it again.  So, here I am.

The garden is in full swing at the moment.  Another reason I’ve been pulled away from my blog.  Not that I’m sorry.  No time is ever wasted outside in the garden.

There is serious watering to be completed at this time of year in the garden.  The crops are growing, the flowers are blooming and this year I’ve even managed to harvest cherries of my dwarf cherry tree for the first time since planting it four years ago.

Even my trial cut flower bed looks good.  It’s filled out massively in the last couple of weeks and now I can see flowering cosmos and dahlias with sunflowers not far behind.  I can’t even keep up with cutting the sweet peas I planted.  I’m thinking that perhaps I’m not as bad with growing flowers as I previously thought.  The garden has taken on quite the cottage garden look this year which I’ve been aiming for but has taken a bit longer than expected.  Although I’ve seen a few bees and other pollinators it’s the birds who seem to be enjoying the extra cover and opportunity for bug hunting.

I’m off to pot up my habanero chillies now.  I’ve got a great idea of where to locate them too – in the garlic bed which is about to be harvested.  I just need to create a covered frame to ensure the plants get plenty of heat.


4 Replies to “Missed Again!”

  1. Ahhh it’s good to have found you again! I admire your dedication to your garden – mine is sorely lacking attention even though it’s something I quite enjoy. Great to see the pics – really shows what hard work (and nature!) can produce.

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