Weekend Gardener – September 17

In brisk wind of September
The heavy-headed fruits
Shake upon their bending boughs
And drop from the shoots;
Some glow golden in the sun,
Some show green and streaked,
Some set forth a purple bloom,
Some blush rosy-cheeked. – Christina Rossetti

Ah, September.  The month where we say goodbye to Summer and hello to Autumn.  The changing of the season is happening gradually here at the moment.  Some days are warmer than others but the nights are drawing in and there is a chill in the air first thing in the mornings now.

Very often I find myself walking into cobwebs, as the spiders take up all areas of the garden, both on the ground and mid-air!

September marks a turning point in the garden as well.  The summer flowers are beginning to die down, leaves are falling off the hedges and the bright red and orange berries of the pyracantha’s are providing much-needed colour.  That’s not to say I haven’t enjoyed the garden.  Autumn still offers sunny days to embrace the changing of the season.

Pods! Its a race against the autumn clock to see how much they will grow now.

September Update

Bed 1 (each bed is 1.5m x 1.5m)

Beetroot – Final harvests of the beets and carrots this month and keeping a check on the weeds.

Kale – The kale has risen again from the slug damage it endured and is enjoying a cooler period of weather.  I’ll probably have one last harvest before pulling these veggies up.

Carrots – One last harvest to be enjoyed.

Bed 2

Runner beans – So many beans.  I must get into a habit of freezing them but I didn’t so some of the harvest was lost.  These have now been pulled up.

Courgettes – No further harvest.  The bed has now been cleared.

Sweetcorn – Managed to harvest about seven more pods.  While not very big (or fat), they have been rather delicious.  The plants have now been cleared away now.

Bed 3

Cut flower bed – The odd sunflower is still trying to flower but the dahlias have finished which leaves cosmos and achillea.  I’ll be clearing this bed away next month to allow the annuals and perennials to die down some more.  I’ll aim to store the dahlia’s to create another cut bed next year.  Anything that can’t be moved will be left.

Bed 4

Main crop potatoes – This bed has now been completely harvested.  I managed to get another 2.5kg from the other half of this bed.  That makes a rough total of 5kg.  Not bad.  Having said that the potatoes were definitely smaller than I’d have expected.  This can only have been down to either growing them in the straw or overcrowding the bed with seed potatoes.  I’m guessing it will be the later!  I’m still impressed with the results and it was much easier than adding compost (cheaper too!).

Bed 5

Strawberries – This bed is now being left for the rest of the year.  As soon as the frosts appear I’ll be covering the plants with fleece.

Bed 6

Winter Potatoes – I’ve left these and not touched them.  I’ve not even been watering them.

Tomatoes – A really good harvest from the tomatoes, and more to come!  They seem to really like the sunniest bed to grow.

Habanero Chillies – Just as these plants have become healthy and strong and started to blossom, the weather is changing.  The cold nights will start play havoc with these plants.  It’s such a shame but I blame myself.  I didn’t pot them up quick enough.  I’m going to have to fleece the grow-house and try and sneak a plant back into the house.

Fruit Trees/Bushes

Cherry – Nothing further work required to be completed on this tree for now.

Raspberries – All pruned and fed.  I’ve fed them because I’m not getting as many new shoots as I used to.  Whether it’s just a quiet year, or they are finding it hard to compete against the oncoming eucalyptus routes, I don’t know at this stage.

Plumb – No further work to be done on this for now.

Apple – I’ve pruned out the excess growth but suspect another hard prune will be required next month.

Blueberries – I’ve decided I’m not going to prune these this yr.  The older bush requires further recovery time from its last prune.  I’m not sure I totally understand the pruning requirements of fruit bushes.  It’s something I need to gem up on further.

Redcurrant/Blackcurrant – No further work on these until next yr.

Jobs for October

  • Continue to clear away the raised beds
  • Add a root barrier to the bottom of the raised bed (front garden).
  • Empty composter onto beds
  • Tidy up the shed!
  • Compost the chilli plants.
  • Keep a lookout for seed packet bargains.

October will be a month for clearing and cleaning ready to be able to start growing again, as soon as possible,  in the new year.


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