Fasting – Goal Achieved

After 62 hours, as intended, I broke my fast this morning.  I’m pretty pleased with myself for having achieved the goal I set.

I had an early start this morning which made me rather grumpy, which was odd because I’m usually a morning bod.  I’m not sure why I felt this way because I slept well, but I could have slept longer.  Once up and about I felt fine.  A few hunger pangs again but overall fine.

At 10am I ate my first meal – brunch, and although I kept the food light I’ve spent the rest of the day feeling even more drained than before I ate anything.  Funny that.

Having said that I was pleased to eat.

It was a real accomplishment to have gone 62 hours without eating any food.

Interestingly I lost 5lbs but my blood sugar levels came out at 6.0 mmol/l which is higher than normal.  Perhaps that’s because my body was hoarding any sugar I was taking in my drinks?

What did I learn from this challenge?

That if I set myself a challenge then I can do it.

Food is good for us (obviously), but more than that – to appreciate food I have to eat is more important.

62 hours isn’t enough time to clean my system out but it wasn’t far off.  I felt lighter (if that’s the right word), psychologically and other.  I can understand why 72 hrs is really enough unless you have a medical need to do it.

It’s not an ideal way to lose weight but instead, showed me what the body can do when the main source of energy is taken away.

Talking of energy, it never depleted throughout the challenge, something I wasn’t expecting.

It was nice to have a break from planning and preparing meals.

I would definitely do it again.

Moving On

I can’t say my relationship with food has changed.  I ate crisps again this afternoon as a celebratory snack.  I’m not proud but it happened all the same.

I do think I’ll continue intermittent fasting and see where that takes me.   But as always I need to curb my enthusiasm for all things non-wholefood.  It’s still a battle, not won by fasting.  This will be a war that will continue for a while yet.


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