Healthy Habits – January Update

Just a very quick update on my healthy habit goals that I’ve set myself this yr. It’s only been four weeks but I promised I’d hold myself accountable.  So here goes.

As you can imagine trying to maintain healthy habits while moving house was a challenge.  With packing boxes everywhere and my emotions all over the place it was difficult to always remember what my habits were let alone stick to them.

Healthy Habit No of days achieved in January Longest Streak
Wake up at 06:30am or earlier 19 5 days
Yoga or stretching 5 1 day
Be grateful or give gratitude to others 14 8 days
Strength training 0 0 days
Eat a plant-based whole food breakfast 11 4 days
Eat a plant-based whole food lunch 13 6 days
Eat a plant-based whole food dinner 10 4 days
Walk at least 5,000 steps 13 6 days
No alcohol or moderate drinking 31 31 days
Drink 750ml of water 12 4 days
Complete food diary 5 4 days

You can see from the table above that some habits were more rigorously followed than others.  I wouldn’t say any have had an overall effect on my weight but it’s only been four very long and stressful weeks.  They have however continuously given me something to focus my attention on.

I feel like I’ve picked the right habits to adopt. None of the habits have been difficult to actually do.  It’s about ensuring they are completed and that can only happen when each habit has a trigger by which to remind me to do it.

And how do I get a trigger, you ask?  Well, I need a routine.  This can either be consciously made or created out of necessity.  I’ve discovered in the past that the more I try and detail a routine the less I stick to it.  As much as I love routines no-one, including myself, wants to be tied religiously to one.

I’m just waiting for the dust to settle (quite literally in this house) for new routines to become established but I am sure, with the various work going on in the house at the moment, it won’t be easy to do.

We shall see what this month brings!


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